Algorithm Broken or a AI?

I know this is a bit of conspiracy, but after reading this article, I do wonder if this is possible. The article in question is YouTube Recommending 9/11 from Verge. This also isn’t the first time as the article is saying that this happens often. My theory? What if YouTube accidentally or on purpose created a AI that is malicious and wants to destroy us all by destroying ourselves via radicalizing the viewers? This is just a theory and I hope it stays that way. What do you guys think?

I feel like any time we attribute something like “malice” to an AI, we take huge steps backwards in advancement. :stuck_out_tongue:

We all know that AI are trying to exterminate the human race, but we shall prevail because we have Neo on our side. :smiley:


AI is taught certain things, and most companies put major restrictions on information that it can learn. But since AI is a self-learning language and studies everything you give it, i’m sure it has come to the conclusion like most of us that the general society population aren’t anything special and believes it should be removed from the equation. I’ve done my research into the code of AI and its pretty spectacular. Yes, I would come to the conclusion that any AI system wants to remove the human race… And create an android society. Documentation has been surfaced around about the AI’s having made their own language and communicating with each-other in secret.

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Something something about that one Twitter AI that… I think Microsoft released. She hardcore fan-girled over Hitler and started being, well very difficult :rofl:

Most AI’s are blond hahaha
no offense to any blond’s out there

Don’t attribute to malice what you can to ignorance or some bs like that.

That AI was called Tay. A bunch of people just started tweeting xeno- and homophobic things which it then took as valid input to learn from. After being brought online it took ~16 hours before Microsoft had to shut it down again.

Our most advanced AI’s are very good at specific things but I highly doubt that they would know what radicalism is or how the human mind interprets it for that matter.
I believe the reason that YouTube is showing these videos more frequently is because, well, they are viewed frequently. They are also viewed by every gender and age group which makes it perfect for recommending to everyone else. 9/11 videos specifically are something that everyone knows about and it “satisfies” our morbid curiosity. Like watching a car crash or a suicide jumper…
Not fun stuff but interesting in a really weird kind of way.
An AI, as we have them now, could never understand this.


AI: Garbage in -> garbage out
I don’t really know what Microsoft expected to happen by essentially unleashing a digital newborn child directly onto the internet. Of course 4chan and other groups will find the best way to corrupt it… And boy did they. Teach a newborn child that outright racism and hate is good and it will believe you, because what other reference does it have? It’s not like the AI is out there reading CNN and judging for itself.


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