AMD or Intel for RE?

I am looking to update my rig.
My current system is a 1st generation Core-i7 desktop from 2010. It’s fairly old and runs into a few problems here and there and that’s why I decide to upgrade.

I am undecided on what system to get Intel or AMD.
If I go the AMD way I gonna choose the Ryzen 2700X which looks to be a good processor. Nothing yet decided on the Intel side.

I am a Reverse Engineer by profession. So I do need to run a lot of VM’s.

Both Intel and AMD support hardware virtualization but the point is Intel VT-x looks to be better supported. Same for Nested Virtualization (EPT/SLAT). For example, all the related projects below on GitHub only support VT-X and not AMD-V

Similarly, Intel Processors support a feature known as Processor Tracing which does not have an AMD equivalent. Without PT support, Ultimap 2 in CheatEngine won’t work.

I would definitely want to get the 2700X as it provides better value but the above mentioned limitations are holding me back.

I would like to know the opinions of the members of this forum as to which they prefer AMD or Intel for RE tasks.

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