Anonymizing virtual machines with Whonix


  • Whonix is security-focused Linux distribution. It uses enforced Tor connection. Whonix is distribuited in two virtual machines: “Whonix Gateway” and “Whonix Workstation”.

In this topic, we will use only “Whonix Gateway”.
Whonix can also anonymize other virtual machines by changing ther network adapter to Whonix internal network.

Setting up Whonix

First thing is to install Whonix Gateway.
NOTE: If you use whonix in other purposes, install Whonix Workstation too).
Here is full instruction on how to download and import it to Virtual Box:

After you set up Whonix Gateway, go to Whonix Virtualbox Settings > Network:

  • Adapter 1 needs to be set to NAT

  • Adapter 2 should be Attached to Internal Network, name Whonix.

Also, I recommend you, before you start Whonix Gateway, go to Whonix Virtual Box Settings and set Base Memory as low as you can so it won’t reduce performance of other machines.

After setting up Whonix Gateway, open it up and go to Applications and find Anon Connection Wizzard. Choose Connect and leave everything on default. Leave Whonix Gateway open.

Setting up network on Virtual Machine

Now, go to settings of your Virtual Machine that you will use and change it’s network settings:

  • Adapter 1 attached to Internal Network, name Whonix.

Open up your Virtual Machine and go to it’s Network and sharing center (Windows) or Wired Connection setting (Kali Linux).

On Kali Linux:

Go to Wired Connection 1 Settings (Click on gear wheel) and click on IPv4 tab. Choose manual and fill settings like this:


Address - ;
Netmask - ;
Default gateway -


On Windows 7:

Go to Network and sharing center, Change adapter settings, Right click on adapter > Properties , IPv4 Properties, click on Use following IP address, fill in same as in Kali Linux.


There you go. Now you have your working Kali LInux with Whonix network.

I hope this was helpful and that it’s valuable. If you have any other opinions on this method and if there is something that I missed or did that could be better, feel free to tell it.