Another PC Emulator: Bochs

(Matrix2600) #1

Before I begin, PC emulators are pretty cool piece of software especially when they allow you to run a full on Linux environment on your phone and not the pain in the BEEP that is Debian NoRoot and GNUroot. I did wrote a post on Limbo which is another PC Emulator but the only issue I have is how slow it is and I wanted something faster which came to this really cool even awesomer piece of software written in C++ called Bochs. Yes guys, it is a box with a mini devil in the box as its logo.

##What You’ll Need:

  • Bochs
  • Android Phone
  • Image File (Any can do but I used Slax)
  • As usual, a brain (please)


The perk of Bochs is its simplicity when setting it up, but the important settings are the Fdisk A and B master, but since I only used one OS I just changed from floppy to CDrom on Fdisk A and hit new selecting my Slax ISO file. You could hit start at the top right but the OS won’t boot. Why? The system is booting from a floppy. To change to booting to a CDrom go back to where you previously selected your image file and scroll down to the bottom of that setting and changed from booting to floppy to booting to CDrom. Now when you click start your OS should start.

Simple right?


This is a very short post but I hope I did well on this post. There wasn’t much to talk about because of the simplicity. Maybe in the future I will dissect the source code of Bochs since it does claim it is written in C++ but who knows?

With all being said, Cheers!

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