Anyone want more Malware?

Zipped. 43 GB
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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If I needed more malware I’d disable my virus protection and download some porn.



High-quality answer! Really! Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile:

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Did you collect this with your honeypot you made some time ago?


Should add a password to it so:

  1. People know what they’re unzipping and can’t accidentally infect themselves
  2. I can download it at school without alarms going off everywhere

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That is a whole lot of malware. Wow. I’m also curious how you collected it. Thanks, though!


He goes into details in this post: Run the Trap! How to Setup your own Honeypot to collect Malware samples

RE, would you mind writing a few words about the result of this ? I’d really appreciate it. (What kind of stuff are mainly in there? What are your thoughts on it, etc)

Thanks for sharing!


very nice. thanks!

is there any other package like this one?


Free malware tracker, still young:

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