Are broadcasted SMS still possible?

It was one day, a few years ago (about 12 years actually). The time before smartphones were a thing and everybody used to send stuff from one phone to another via bluetooth (or infrared, if you where as poor as I was).
Anyways, back then it was possible to send an SMS to every phone in your surrounding (cell maybe?), without even knowing the phone numbers.
Is this still possible? And if so (also if not, I’m curious) what was it called?
Only things I remember are silent SMS and flash SMS, which are both different things.

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The message type you looking for is not supported by this app, but you can take look at it anyway.

But I would be interested in it as well. So let me know, if you found something.

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Thanks alot :slight_smile: I’m currently trying to catch IMSIs with an SDR and maybe advance from there (new to the whole GSM stuff myself). But hope someone can come up with an easier approach.

Also I should have mentioned that this is not for a malicious approach! Although I couldn’t think of any way to use this in a malicious way :thinking:


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