Are our lives a simulation? (Meaning of life debate)

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Hello my burning listener

I've been long time away from this platform and I'd like to discuss about the meaning of life. Are we in a simulation, is there even a reason that we live or is this all the plan of a(n allmighty ) Beeing?

My opinion

I'm one of these guys that think we're in a simulation, but the afterlife all these religions are talking about can be more or less true. After your death you may wake up and you're back in your "real" life. Or you will be thrown back to life in another body, like budhists and hinduists think. The point is that we can't prove that were in a simulation. It's impossible as proving that there is a god. But I can say one thing: Nothing can be allmighty. If it's allmighty it could make a rock that's even to heavy for itself and can throw it away (which should be impossible because it would break rule nr. 1). But if it's a simulation the question is still not solved. Because what's 'real' lifes meaning? The question no one has the answer for because there is no absolute answer.

Thank you for reading until now. Share your opinion about that topic and hopefully my english has become a little bit better :grin:


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I know the meaning of life and the meaning of life is communication. All living things communicate, it is the only constant. Everything can be boiled down to communication, everything is a direct result of communication and nothing happens without communication.

also, reincarnation or being in a simulation has nothing to do with the meaning of life.


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The meaning of life changes if we are just in a simulation. What if we do not communicate in the upper life because there isn’t anyone to communicate too. And what’s the worth of a simulated communication?
Also how do you define communication? There are several perspectives for “communication” I know and it’s hard to discuss with someone whose words you can’t classify correctly.

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communication is anything that is communicated. even trees can communicate (, every living creature communicates.

I have no idea what “upper life” means but I can assure you, communication is happening there too.

If you remove communication, existence is pointless, even deaf and blind people can communicate. Not one single living create on this planet exists without being able to communicate. There are tiny organisms on the bottom of the ocean that communicate.

Even tiny bacteria in your body or in the air communicate to one another.

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With “Upper life” I mean a life outside a maybe existing simulation. And thank you for sharing your definition. It’s the one I thought you would give me, because I think similar.
But despite that everthing is communicating, the rules can also be used for atoms reacting with each other, 'cause they “share” electrons. It’s a global rule for living and non-living constructs (which means anything). If we do so: Yes the reason why we’re all alife is that we’re communicating. But does this give your life a meaning?
I belief another option is possible:
Life is meaningless. We’re only matter that communicates not more or less. You can accept it, you can join a religion or you can (NOT RECOMMENDED:) commit suicide. Maybe there’s another thing you can do. IDK.
But I’m personally between these two meanings of life:

  1. Simulation
  2. Meaninglessness
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If you wanna go into existential crisis mode, watch this channel’s vids.


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Can confirm. I have WiFi.


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Nice share and thank you for correcting the title :smile:
The video is basicly what I think. Accept the meaninglessness and think positive.

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life is only meaningless when you remove communication.

think of anything with life, then remove communication.


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Think of anything without communication and give it communication. It’ll maybe become alife. But in most cases it won’t. And also what does beeing alife mean? I cannot answer this question 100% true but I rely on wikipedia:

If you say: “Something is communicating” it means you do this:


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not sure what circular reasoning has anything to do with anything i said lol. however, right in the definition of life is communication.

“Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that do have biological processes, such as signaling”


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Viruses aren’t living beings by definition but they’re communicating. There are more things that define living than only “Communication” . Furthermore reason doesn’t mean meaning (well IDK if english is different in this but I guess it’s not). Also I wanted to say IF you say that “Living is communication” and “To communicate is to live” it WOULD be circular reasoning. I’ve been guessing what you’ll answer and I wanted to warn you that this WOULD be an argumentive fallacy .


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and my final words on the matter since nobody can prove it wrong; all living things communicate, therefore the meaning of life is communication.

(those of you at university, ask your prof)


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Meaning means to have purpose. Reason is just a causation.

You cannot prove it either because:

is weak. Correlation isn’t causation. All living beings communicate. True. Some non-living beings communicate. True too. Is the next statement false? Yeah.

Well this should be hard to remember until I’m there but which prof shall I ask for this?


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If reality is a simulation, are black holes buffer overflows?

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Well seems legit, but I think as black holes are just really much matter, it can be a regular part too.