[ARG] The Red Triangle Solving -- Part2

Hello folks, today I’m going to continue The Red Triangle series.
If you haven’t seen the first one yet, you can check it here: [ARG] The Red Triangle Solving — Part 1

Last time, we have deciphered the Monoalphabetic Substitution symbols from the images and got a link to google drive, that lead us to the next link of the puzzle.
Now that we are all set, let’s jump into it !

Getting started

Once you open the link, you are prompted with the same symbolic red triangle ,as in the previous one, and underneath you have an interesting image.

Also, on the background is playing an audio file, but this time, you can hear something strange at the beginning. We will get into that later.

I have viewed the source code and found this:
Note: apparently Coeus’s was a Titan in the Greek mythology and represented rational intelligence.

Besides that, I found nothing, so I went on and downloaded the image and the audio file.

The Image

At first glance, I thought that was something hidden in it ,as I thought on the previous one, and started to fire some tools on it, but found nothing… So, I thought maybe it has something to do with the meaning of the structure because I saw a pattern in the image.
I have started researching this kind of pattern and it’s actually the Fibonacci sequence.
Besides that, I found nothing.
( If you guys want to have a look at it, contact me and maybe we could find something. I still think it’s a message or some sort of thing in it. )

The Audio File

Ok, so this one got my attention since I entered the site, because you can hear in the first part of the song some strange “satanic” like voices. (or it’s just my mind that hears that. I’M FINE OK!?)
I popped up audacity ,after installing it, and started playing with the audio. It didn’t seem to be something odd in the first place.

But take a closer look…

If you listen to it to, in the first 30-40 seconds the song it’s not started yet and those “satanic” voices are actually what we see here, in audacity. Maybe it’s there on purpose.

So… we got something, but what can we do with it…?
I tried to reverse the audio, change its speed, research on hiding messages in audio files, with the hope that something might pop up, but… unfortunately, I got nothing.

In this moment, I started looking again at everything and analyze it more carefully than I have done before. After a few hours I found out that when you reverse it, the voices start to have more sense.
Then just made some speed adjustments, some coffee and finally got something.
Those “satanic” voices were just a robot who tells the next onion link for the puzzle.

By the way: this part was very struggling because the robots voice is really hard to hear and got a hard time getting what the link was. But hey, got it in the end.:face_with_monocle:

The link was: https://paxt4n6urwx7uiah.onion.link/112417
At the moment the links are down, as far as I saw…


That was a new territory for me and had a lot of fun solving these puzzles.
Hope you guys loved it as much as I love making those articles and more importantly, I hope that you had fun.
Looking forward to see if you find something in the Fibonacci image and also hope you see in the next one.
Thanks for reading ! :grin:


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