ASM (Assembly) Programming



Alright here some good links/books for ASM:


John Bartlett - Programming From the ground up

Paul Carter - PC Assembly Language

James T. Strieb – Guide to assembly language: A concise introduction

These were the one’s I recommend.
some description about these book including some not mentioned can be found here:

Links - x86, Intel, NASM

Like it says in the about page, feel free to post a comment with more references…

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Thanks for the reference. I have always been fascinated by the level of control one can establish with Assembly. Although I would primarily concentrate on Python and C, but your post is definitely worth sharing.


Adding this one to the vault :slight_smile:

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Intel Programming Manuals


Machine-Level Representation of Programs ->

x86 Assembly Guide ->

Awesome Youtube Tutorials:

SecurityTube -> (It’s just 4 videos but they are quite long and time worthy)


definitely worth a mention


Asm for the Sparc processor isn’t too important right? I mean ignorant of me to say so, let me rephrase. “It won’t be too important for me to know it as learning Asm for x86 will probably be more of use, right?”.


@Cromical That’s it. Both architectures are completly different on many aspects e.g. ISA, pipeline hazard control, registers, memory management, … and if I had to choose between them, I would focus on x86 :wink:

  • Iczelion’s Win32 ASM Tutorials
  • Kip R. Irvine’s Assembly Language for x86 Processors 7th Edition (MASM)
  • The Art of Assembly Language (+ some system architecture; highly recommended and in-depth)


Same here, just asking around! Thanks for the response!


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