Attack on Gmail Accounts/Twitter Accounts (Germany)

Recently, the last two days, several twitter accounts of political organizations got hacked.
From what I know, the hackers used a security gap of gmail in order to get into the twitter accs and leak private information.
I wondered if any of you guys know more about this topic.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the specifics of the method with gmail, but I know a method has recently been revealed with SMS spoofing, where twitter will automatically post tweets of SMS’s you send to the number, from your linked phone number.

Spoof the phone of the account -> send SMS to twitter -> posts on victims twitter account.

Not sure if anybody else knows much about this?

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I’ve been trying to follow this breach for the last two days and haven’t gotten very far because of the immense amount of data.

The best tweet I’ve seen summing it up is this:

I have a copy of the pastebin text if anyone wants it. I’d rather not post it publicly due to the intense scrutiny this hack is getting.

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Thanks for your commitments so far.
For all who want to have like the full view of the advent calendar guy on twitter, I recommend + the name _0rbit :slight_smile:
Have fun

I am kinda not sure if that is all behind it, because many content creators, who as well got victim of the attack, say that the hacker has been writing in private conversations/…
If something like that is as well possible with sms spoofing, then excuse me :slight_smile:

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