Best language for write malware

Hi, which are the best language for write malware?
I know C, python and golang, it’s necessary Assembly?

C# could go a long way as well. But i think it all depends on the kind of malware.
Its interesting thinking about what you might want to do with it

Thanks for your reply, I want to write malware as buffer overflow, heap overflow ecc…
Goes C, python, go well?

for such you will require assembly and C#

There is no best language for writing malware you can use any computer programming language to write malware. But most malware coder go with compile language such as C/C++ golang, C# and more but malware can also be written in scripting language like python, ruby and JavaScript infact lots of malware as been written in those scripting language expecially python, if you used to read blog you will understand what I’m saying, there was a malware attack this year was written in python.
The reason malware coder go with compile language is because of spead, size and easy to package compared to scripting language which is slow and big file size. So For me I will say you should go with C and Golang, because lots of security expert are making use a Golang recently to do all kinds of security jobs and lots of malware coder have started making use of it also to attack network.

You can combine both C and Golang.
It’s depends on what your malware wanna do

With that two you are good to go.


I think this is the best answer for this. Any language can be used to create malware, but C is mostly fundamental in learning anything related to it imo. Golang is becoming far more popular as you can compile it for anything with ease, and the language itself is pretty simple to learn compared to C++/Java.


python and java enough

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If you use pure assembly you get extra points

I’m a complete noob when it comes to writing malware, but I’ve heard that Perl isn’t a bad language to write malware in as most Unix systems come with it out of the box. Is Perl still a viable option when creating malware?

Perl is viable but any compiled language will work fine. C/C++ are great options because of the control you will have over the devices but also the small compilation size of the binary. I would try to stay away from any like java or python just because of the large compile sizes.

GoLang is a good option and depending on the compiler used can lead to small binaries. As well as its as easy as something like python to pickup with very good compilation time and good control over the system. And it is cross compiled aswell as cross platform so no need to create two code bases for interacting with unix and windows.

TL;DR: All languages will work at the end of the day, I would stay away from anything not compiled or anything that will create large binary sizes. Take a look at GoLang and see what you think.

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