Best Programming Language for Viruses?

I was wondering what the best programming language to write a virus would be? Preferably something that is not easily de-compiled, however, something not very well known? What do you guys think>

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Rust? That seems like a hot choice rn.

CC @dtm

Rust is cool and all but if you’re opting to use a lot of “unsafe” operations like weird memory hacks, shellcode, or pointer gymnastics, might as well just use something like C rather than encasing your entire code in unsafe blocks. Any natively compiled languages are not easy to decompile. C++ is also quite nicely obfuscated if you take advantage of its features like OOP.

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Ok, thanks @dtm and @pry0cc. I’ll look into that.

In my opinion C++. Maybe VisualBasic but this is a good old times :wink:

Your own programming language and compiler.

Honestly, if I were making this into a thing I was doing daily, yes, I would probably look into that

How about using Fortran to program viruses?
Not a hot choice, but definitely dangerous in the right hands.

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