[Beta] The New Bounty Program

Greetings, 0x00sec! After much discussion, the 0x00sec mods and admins have put together a new program, a Bounty Program.

How it Works

This very post will be a Wiki. Members will be able to add any topic they’d like to see written about on this site. Other members will see the wiki, scroll through, and maybe find a topic they can cover.

Once someone writes an article up on the subject, the author should go back to this wiki and add the link to the request. A Staff member will review the article and award an appropriate level “Bounty Hunter” badge. That’s it!

We believe that this will bridge the gap between writer and reader. This way, the writer can have more input while writing an article.

Requests List

If your topic/subtopic exists, append your request under it. Otherwise, feel free to create a new topic or subtopic where your request would most belong. See the examples below.

NOTE: Please do not request anything inappropriate (e.g., illegal stuff, unrelated stuff). Staff may remove any request at any time for any reason.

  • Linux
  • Setting up a SIEM and or IDS by @pry0cc
  • Cybercrime
    • Money Laundering and BTC Mixers by @Sirius
    • Case Studies: Psychology of Famous Hackers by @Sirius
    • Case Studies: Attack Scenario Breakdown of Famous Hacks by @Sirius
    • Cyber Underground: A Foray into BlackHat Forums by @Sirius
    • A History of Nation-State Actors by @Sirius
    • Intro to Skimmers and Carders by @Sirius
  • Law
    • Intro to The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by @Sirius
    • Court Cases and Preceedings of Cybercriminals by @Sirius
    • Breaking Down the 14 Eyes, and Other Dangerous Locations for Hackers by @Sirius
  • Misc
    • Cryptocurrency breakdown (trading, differences in currencies, etc) @ricksanchez

First! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice idea! Hope there won’t be two people working on the same topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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damn why does this always happen when I’m asleep!
I feel left out for this planning stuff :smiley:

I can deliver some content on printer exploitation tho. Just gimme a bit!

@SmartOne @pry0cc the requested article will probably be up around Tuesday. Unfortunately I had to leave home over the weekend and can’t finalize it just yet. Stay tuned


I’ll do the cryptocurrency article


I’ll contribute with radio stuff. I’m just waiting for my LimeSDR to ship.

I’d be happy to contribute to exploit development and anything involving malware analysis or development.


Even if you don’t see a topic listed in the above wiki, go ahead and knock out something interesting! :smile:

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