Bind Executable into Image

Hello all
Recently I started to research about methods to Bind Executable file into an Image.
For this, I need/want to know as much as possible methods.
Any direction to Papers, Write-ups and even Binder Tools(this can be much helpful) is welcome

Remember that, I don`t want simple methods that the extension is (exe) and just the ico changed or RTLO technique.

Feel free to suggest and help me in this way.

Well, you’re out of luck then. There is no way to bind an executable to an image without preserving the extension. If you change the extension your file won’t be interpreted as an executable anymore, so any instruction inside the file will be treated as binary data instead, unless you manage to find a vulnerability in an image viewer software, a vulnerability that can make the program interpret part of a specially crafted image as executable code, but it’s unlikely to happen, also you’ll have to hope the person you’re targeting has the right program and version installed. Another very, very unlikely option is finding a flaw in a specific file format, usually these exploits take advantage of a badly implemented feature, that can lead to unwanted behavior. But these are extremely rare cases.

In short, you can’t have a legit image that opens a binded program.


agree… hiding any file to image can be many ways, but binding executable file to image that run is rare case

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