Broadcast Box for this site

Not a Feedback but rather a suggestion to add a new feature to this site by introducing a broadcast box in the home page, similar to [ shoutbox in breached forums ].

Logged in users can chat with each other either in private or in public by using the box. It kept the last forums that I was part of in ie. until it was seized by the glowies, active and engaging a lot more in addition to surfing around the website to read/post topics.

What do you guys think ? :thinking:

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I’m pretty sure you mean something like:

And we already have that:

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Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. I’m a new member and asked this question without investigating much in a hype :frowning:

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no worries. Yes we do have a chat here, as you may have seen, it is not very active since we’re using Discord for chatting. Still, you can use whatever you want, I’m watching/trying to moderate both of them haha


Yeah, I found that and saw it was not “that” active. Thanks for checking out ,I’ll join the discord ! ^^

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