Buffering and optimization

One of the best article on buffering (buffer cache) / optimization I ever have read.

How is GNU yes so fast?


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Thank you for sharing it! I’d like to request from now on not to post URL shorteners because this is an InfoSec community and some folks might be intimidated/skeptical about clicking it.

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Hello. The link is now fixed.

Very good article indeed. I stumbled across this this morning. I found it quite interesting.

yes source code comparison


Great work @sagittarius-a

just for info, GNU coreutils is still the fastest because it works on buffer cache directly.

I have an old ibook G3 (late 2001, 256MB RAM, 750fx PPC cpu) with OpenBSD -current on it.

The result is: 3.08MiB/s, really really slow.

but OpenBSD does have something cool, pledge(). :wink:

You’re right @kowalski, It’s a new risk mitigation feature for OpenBSD, however pledge() was born for security purposes, it is not for optimization.

It works really well :slight_smile:

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This article is such interesting, if you have got others like this please post them :wink:

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