Building a God's Eye Android App: Part 0 - Introduction to Amunet

Greetings from space,

It’s great to post once in a while and help share knowledge. This series is an android series. We will develop spying features into our app. I’m naming the app AMUNET but you are free to of course name it as you please. The idea originated from the God’s Eye hacking program in Fast and Furious movie where it could locate and also hack into anything within its reach. In this series, we take a step by step in developing an android app that will use ( abuse ) android os functionalities to spy on the users and also maybe control the phone.


I am by no means responsible for what you use the codes or knowledge learnt from this development series in any form. This series is purely an education series on the android system.


  • This series will not help or teach anyone how to deploy / hack into android phones to install the app. Since it’s educational, you are required to test and use it on your own devices. The app will be uninstalled and installed repeatedly as new permissions and features are added so don’t think this is a kali hacking android tutorial.

  • The basic installation and setting up of Android Studio will not be covered. I assume you already have it installed and setup. If not, there are a lot more tutorials out there created about Android Studio installation than the total tutorials here combined ( :thinking: )


There is no finished android app or source code that I’ll be looking upon to build this series so I don’t expect anyone to pm asking for source code for the entire series. In fact, this app doesn’t exist yet and we will all together develop it. Therefore, at the end of every post, you are allowed to share opinions, corrections and even better code improvement since I don’t know it all and eager to learn ( began android dev not long ago ).


The app will communicate to an external server where all the information gathered will be sent. We will develop both Web UI ( HTML CSS Bootstrap, Javascript ) and Android ( Java ) UI so it’s going to be a very long series.

So I will end it here. This post is just to create awareness of the upcoming posts. I will like to have your votes, comments, opinions and how you think the app should look like, structure and communication techniques.

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How long do we have to wait for some material?

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Soon. This series will be regular, sit tight :blush: .


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