Building an all in one pentest tool with wio terminal (arduino)

After years out of the IT industry I am making a career change into cyber security. I am giving myself a project to code an arduino board so I can select a variety of attacks such as a HID keystroke injection tool, a deauther and handshake capture tool etc. I’m stumbling at the first hurdle and trying to figure out if my hardware choice is cable of traditional monitor mode and packet injection as you would use in Kali. The wifi chip is a RTL8720DN. I’ve looked over the documentation and all i’ve seen is low power beacon listen mode which I am assuming is to do with bluetooth rather than wifi.
Any help or advice is appreciated.


Which Arduino board are you using? Wouldn’t be better to switch to RasberryPi?

I don’t know if an Arduino can handle. Without seeing the schematics there are not much to say, but in my experience I always find that these boards have too less I/O pins to be functional in the field.

Thanks for the response! Appreciated! These are the schematics of the board. I chose the wio terminal because it’s nicely packaged in this neat little all in one unit. It recieves power via the usb c port or through the gpio pins.

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