Canary Tokens - The Zero setup honeypot

CanaryTokens is a free offering by Thinkst Canary a Haas(Honeypot as a service provider) provider , although it exists since 2015 , i came across it recently and thought it was worth sharing (and also because our Blue Team Category looked a little pale ) .

So what can canarytokens do ?

Canary Tokens is what we could call subscribe and forget honeypot service all you need to do is head over to and choose a token that fits you , there are old school url bugs to Bitcoin addresses to AWS keys , all you need to do is choose a token that fits you , write a note to yourself on why you created the token and provide a email to which the alert will be sent when a token is triggered that’s it , zero hackery involved . Now its time for you to get creative and put the tokens in the right place , my personal favourite is the AWS access token , i suggest you guys get one now and throw it in your home directory and forget about it :smile: .

Dockerized CanaryTokens :

If anybody wants their own CanaryTokens setup , its just a git clone and docker-compose up away , it provides almost all the feature available on the site .

What about SSH , FTP , telnet , git …?

Well canary tokens can’t exactly do that , but hey there’s Open Canary , it can emulate a bunch of services and send alerts to email when triggered , i found it to be quick and easy to deploy , give it a shot.