Category Proposal: */0x00 and Chill

(Left) #1

0x00sec as we all know is a great Hacking and Computer Science community. I thought that having a category for some funny stuff, memes etc related to computers and hacking would be great. I just wanted to know the view of the community over this so here is my poll.

Should we have a category for funny stuff/memes related to hacking and computers?

  • Sure, I wants to has Lulz!
  • Nah

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I am eager to know the results…


(oaktree) #2

Good idea. We’ll wait till the poll has more votes.




Hail Lulz!

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

Perhaps strictly infosec related? I don’t want this site becoming a flood of memes.


I might even check the site more frequently if there were lulz to be had. >.>


Perhaps…InfoSec memes?

(pico) #7

would something like this fit the category :stuck_out_tongue:?



Ah Starwars in good 'ol CMD! Good one!

(Left) #9

Maybe we can broaden the idea with not only memes but also some nice stories related to hacking, like @Ninja243’s John Doe article and @ivlb’s Cracking WPA article. Perhaps an Entertainment category with Lulz and Fiction as sub-categories as suggested by @dtm also?

(Left) #10

So me and @dtm have talked on this and the conclusion is that Lulz is not really what we want this category to achieve. I fear having just Lulz will make us the next 9Gag. Lulz is actually a part of this category we want to name 0x00 and Chill. This is the place we propose to have a social section for the members with Fictional Stories related to hacking, Lulz, debates, gaming(this is computer related) and much more. Debates and Stories will be amazing(Thank you @dtm). If you have a better title for this category, do reply. If you want this category to be made and agree to the sub categories, vote here:

  • Yeah, the idea is cool.
  • I am cool with just Lulz.
  • No way!

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0x00sec can turnout to be a heaven for the InfoSec guys! What do you think?

EDIT: I invite the admins @pry0cc, @oaktree, @unh0lys0da and the mod @pysec.


I think IRC is a better place for such offtopic things.

(Left) #12

You can’t post stories and articles on IRC and not everyone is there on the IRC all the time.


We do have the social corner tho

(Left) #14

Then maybe add the proposed sub-categories to it?

(Left) #15

So what’s the verdict?


Honestly it’s hard to know right now it seems. Everyone has had valid concerns over it so far. Although in my opinion I would like something similar to it. Nothing beats a meme like an InfoSec meme. Although, perhaps for now one must try to incorporate memes when they fit best in posts. And as @unh0lys0da said we do have a social corner where many may be able to fit some pretty cool memes in the middle and so on. Although either way I thought of it as a good idea :smile:.


Oh my…Just said “Although” like 3 times. :smirk: Oh well…

(Command-Line Ninja) #18

If you are on Twitter, a lot of this banter does happen. We can go anywhere and find memes, and if we Google we can find infosec memes.

I think gaming is completely unrelated, and is so vast it could make up a whole community just on it. What we want to do is avoid becoming a God Object, as outlined in OOP, websites are the same. Things need to be diverse, but not so diverse that you can no longer find anything.

I think we could modify the social category to include stories (fictional or real).

(Left) #19

Memes could be in posts? Related to that topic? And what about debates?


A lounge sounds interesting indeed. Would love to share some of my stories I’ve encountered while gaming!