Category proposal: */Linux

I believe that most of us are here to share information and learn. Also, it is to be expected that not all of us are proficient with linux in general.

So I would like to propose to open up a “Linux” or “General Linux” category under ‘Reference Database’ or ‘Computer Science’ (that’s why I put */Linux in the title) where useful materials could be posted or linked to.

For instance, site, which I would recommend to anyone starting with linux.

IMHO, ‘Reference Database’ would maybe be a more suitable parent category. ‘Computer Science’ is a broad topic in general, and we don’t have an ‘OS’ subcategory in it. Creating one could complicate navigation needlessly.

But, we’re a free community, so please vote:

Should we have such a category?

  • Yes
  • No

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Which parent category is better suited?

  • Reference Database
  • Computer Science
  • Something else…

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@ivlb I agree, this should be a great idea mate !

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Hmm I think this is a good idea! I think we should wait for more people to see the polls and then decide where we should put it.


I believe we should have a specific parent category made for OS s as a whole. And inside we could fit Windows, Linux, OSX, Sun, etc. Sub categories. Instead of putting it into something like “Computer Science” or “Reference Database”.


Still deciding on this. I kind of like @Cromical’s idea, although there isn’t much to speak about Windows + OS X, unless it’s exploits, in which case there is a dedicated category for exploits.


@pry0cc I disagree. If you exploit a Windows/OSX machine, what are you going to do next? Exactly, post exploitation. Knowing how Windows/OSX works can be a great boost in this. Example: getting a shell on Windows but not being able to use the Windows command prompt leaves you stranded.

0x00sec should focus more on basic stuff like this (advanced topics have already been covered, like @TheDoctor’s great RE series). But that is just my opinion, and since I am no longer a part of this community, it isn’t important.



I agree. Nice to see you back.

Well the way I see it an OS is a complicated thing to cover regardless. I mean the basics can be fit in other categories, but trying to understand an OS by itself and so on can be a complicated task.

Question-Suggestion regarding Windows:

As @anon79434934 mentioned, it is imperative that you know what you are attacking. And on IRC I picked up that not all of us know how Windows enterprise network and configurations work.

Maybe it would be viable to create a Microsoft category which would be used to familiarise people with MS products and systems in general…?


  • MS is the enemy of the free world - know ur enemy
  • MS products hold more than 80% market, in client oriented scenarios > attack vector over a compromised client computer in an organisation will usually yield more success than a direct attack on a primary service holder
  • MS implementations of standardised core and extended services are specifically customised a lot of times and it is useful to know why somethig is diverging from the norm
  • we have win admins here, they know some stuff =)


  • overhead
  • MS stuff in general tends to bore people…

So, while risking hijacking my own thread, what are ur thoughts on the subject?

PS - gratz on establishing new Linux categories =)


I have to agree on this. Server setup never really occurred to me, however with a small history of windows server I took it for granted. So the same category’s as the Linux ones?

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You are right bro. You should be!

Maybe we should wait a bit and see what the general feel on MS is. Setting up a ‘Reference Database’ for windows/ms could be an excercise in futility, cause it’s a rabbit hole*, IMO. In my minds eye, this was simmilar to @oaktree’s series on crypto algs - more of a ‘How-to’ thing.

'* - for nix it made sense (IMO) cause most of the core nix stuff is the same, whichever distro u use. MS has major discepancies with core features over versions (XP > 10 / S2K3 > S2K16) and flavours (Home SL > Enterprise / Core > Ent.)

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