Changes coming to 0x00sec for 2019

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Hello 0x00ers.

Today we come to a new chapter in the life of 0x00sec.

As you may have noticed the new VIP status on a few individuals, we have actually been testing how it works so that we can fully facilitate the sale of 0x00sec in order to benefit the community and allow a more corporate, professional manner of working within 0x00sec.

In the next two weeks, we’re going to be facilitating the sale of 0x00sec to a large entity which is not yet to be named.

New things include:

  • Paywall of premium content
  • Advertising to fund the community and fill the pockets of the corporation
  • Monthly-subscription based model for VIP’s ($20 per month)
  • Identity verification requirement (Passport & utility bill scan required for each member to contribute)


Mainly, I’ve become bored as the founder of 0x00sec and have decided to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a male burlesque dancer. I think you all are going to love these new changes.

If you’re looking forward to this! Please comment below and let us know!

EDIT: This is an April Fools Joke. See the comments.


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Finally! The board was getting restless about these unapproved hackers.

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I can’t wait to start accepting kickbacks!

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You got me for like 10 minutes there. Nice one!


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Please add a bitcoin and ethereum donation address :laughing:

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In view of this announcement, I take this opportunity to tell you that I officially quit this shitty community. 0x00sec board members are dickhead, and I choose my words carefully. How dare you sell this place that we (community members) have created. I’m sending you right now my account number and waiting for 80% of the sale price.

Fuck you.



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:free: :zero::x::zero::zero: SEC :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:



I’m glad you are finally going after your dream of being a burlesque dancer. The couple videos you sent the board members were amazing, keep up the great work!

The payment wall and premium subscription for VIP is a great idea, I think this will financially stimulate the community a lot. I can’t wait for the reveal of who our buyer is!




@pry0cc, let me first say I’m thrilled to hear that you’re taking this ~community~ company in a fiscally responsible direction. Knowledge is hard to obtain and the educators should absolutely be compensated for their hard work. Furthermore, as this site grows in popularity, advertising is the best way to make sure we can cover associated infrastructure costs, which can sometimes run in the 10s of dollars a month. Free services are never truly free and I applaud your transparency in ensuring that people know exactly what the tradeoff is here. It’s certainly more sustainable than selling our access logs to the FBI, who seems to have lost interest in our data.

However, I’m most pleased with your decision to pursue your lifelong dreams. As @L0k1 said, the material you’ve sent the board has been great we all feel that the world is ready to see your talent. Best of luck to you!



@pry0cc Good luck following your admirable dream my man, you have all our support, even if this means being sold to a big corporation like we were just your bitches all along, and maybe we were, but it was worth it. Although if you don’t send me tickets for your burlesque shows I’ll be very disappointed.



I am less than pleased by the direction you are taking this community in. While a direction where the community is able to support itself is good, you are monetising our articles and making us pay for them. Fuck you, you’re as bad as Elsevier.

On the other hand I quite agree with @L0k1 and @fraq in pursuing your dreams. You looked like a natural in the videos you sent, however, some of us a quite traumatized and will probably need years of therapy. Please wear pants (or at least underwear) next time.


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Disappointing to hear that you’re selling. It took me a while to find a community like this, one that had a bunch of content and active members. I always thought 0x00sec was a group of people willing to help and share information with others for fun. In my opinion the best part of this community was the free content, I have a feeling you will lose a lot of members because of this change.

Best of luck with your dancing career.

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Okay, okay, okay

It’s probably time to tell you this is APRIL FOOLS.

We will never ever ever sell 0x00sec, and definitely never charge for content or charge a subscription fee. Or ever run obnoxious ads all over the site.

To everybody that got this and joined in, you’re awesome :smiley: To everybody that didn’t realise this was a joke, haha

@TheBroker :slight_smile:


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I wasnt sure if it was a joke but that’s how I would feel if 0x00sec was ever sold, this community is to awesome to sell. :heart:

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Man, I’ve fallen for it after fraq’s and loki’s corporate speech, but man…
oh well, sweet april’s fools day to all of you : ). Not to be mad or anything. Today is @Cry0l1t3 's project announcement and I am much optimistic about it. Wishing him the best : )


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Just when I thought I couldn’t get fooled anymore on this day of fooling. Though I think you could manage a career as a burlesque dancer whilst still managing this awesome project.

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… so no male burlesque videos?


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that got me real hard lol…the only one april fools joke that could succeed this april in my life…

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Since I was reading on the 3rd after a short hiatus I was quite concerned, until I realized what the date of the post was.