Come tag a standard suser

first person to tag me at derbycon gets a drink on me! Second person gets and awkward hug jayson style.

follow me on the twitterz @standardsuser. Happy hunting


Where did you get that hat?

@whatskrakan_01 : click me gently to get access to a world of 0x00sec accessories

@Suser aka fake rick. Cool idea. Definitely would go search you if I were there :ok_hand:


lol ive been rick since before 0x00sec was a thing go find standard user on nullbyte <3

had it custom made :wink:
tell pry to get hats added to the swaq catalog. or gimme your address and ill send you one :smiley:

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Hahaha… I established a brand here. Don’t just hop on my multi billion dollar business here by suddenly being active :joy::joy:

Oh the hat is not on the store ?
Was sure we hat those too. Then sorry for the fake news !

how much for an hat?

talk to pry0cc he really should get some added to the store.

Spreadshirt doesn’t have hats that that are printed. I have no issue with people getting them custom made.


@Suser, are the hats etched or printed? I’m definetly interested, what are the prices?

theyre stitched just get a high res logo from pry0cc and use the custom clothing service of your choice.