Commando VM for Pentesting With Windows

Hello Everyone,

Just a really quick share with you all on a recent VM release from fireeye !

Hope you all enjoy giving it a trial let me know what you think.



I installed it recently, took hours. Still testing . I’ll post pics shortly

Can’t wait to try it out as I’m moving to a mostly Windows environment soon enough, I’ll install it then.

I think its a good way to run under the radar, considering most network monitors already look for kali host names, only been able to play around a little but so far has everything i expected.

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It would be very amateurish for any experienced hackers to use a Kali VM for pentesting engagements or ops :wink:

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very true, but our local red team is a bit lazy, makes it way easier for my blue team to work :smile:

I’m a bit confused, how exactly is this a VM?
It seems like all they offer you is a one click installation for a whole bunch of penetration testing software.

its not a VM image or ISO, its meant to be installed on a win10 or win7 VM you already have provisioned, so yeah the name is a bit inaccurate

I see, well I don’t like bloat that much so I’ll probably hold off on this one.
But I did check out what tools they have and I don’t know all of them, so I’m just going to use it as a reference point to learn more pentester tools.

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The installation script gets rid of all the shitty default programs… I can confirm that.

Installed it last night and slept while it was installing. I took a peek at the installation script which is pretty much a powershell script, but hey… it works. Anyways, pretty much the script uses boxstarter ( which after reading what it is on their site, choco is like a repo on Linux which are used for apt and installing packages and dependencies.

Personally, this seems like a great idea and I am kind of impressed?

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Yes i installed it as well. Took hours but, it was worth it. I enjoy this experience.

Thank yoı, i’m going to install it

After testing this a little, it’s definitely better on a VM. You can install it straight to the physical machine, but during the install it disables a lot of security features to make the installs go smoother.

Also, if you run into issues, being able to rollback to snapshots really helps.

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