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Good day all,

Seeing as this is my first real post here, and I’m fairly certain a few of you know me, but the large majority don’t, I’ll introduce myself a little, and then continue from there.

Names Mike, I go by L0k1 online, which is what most of you will come to know me as. I’ve been involved in the computer security scene for quite a few years, mostly on the red team end of things.

I’ve been involved with 0x00Sec pretty much since the start, but never really posted or showed my head (Other than in the IRC) and decided I believed enough in the community that I would start donating my resources to them. I’m always happy to give a worthwhile community a hand, especially one with similar interests as I have. I’ve watched as 0x00Sec grew from the very basic text website, to what it is today. At the start, I wasn’t sure what the site would turn into, but I’ve been watching it progress over the past months into something that is actually of value. The articles and knowledge the collective group bring is what is going to keep this community growing and improving. In the hope of aiding the community I’ve donated some resources of mine to help further it along. I’m going to list out my contributions, partly because I need to actually make a list to keep track, and so that users can actually see whats involved.

Gitlab Server
16 Gb Ram
10 TiB HDD (Can be increased if needed)
6 Cores
1Gbit line (With mucho DDoS protection)

IRC Server
Well I’m not going to go in the specifics of the specs, but it’s a decent server. All hosts are cloaked by default, only 2 people have access to the server right now. No logs, no spying, no bullshit.

Vultr Account

I’ve just set up a Vultr account for 0x00Sec, with a $150.00 credit. So now if someone wants to test something, they can ask Myself, Oaktree, or Pry0cc and if they agree, they can spin you up a VPS for a limited time and you can test out whatever you want.
I’ll keep the account filled up as best as I can.

Thats everything for now. If anyone in the community has any ideas of what they would like, or thinks we should get, leave a post on here, and I’ll see what I can do about purchasing/getting it.




(oaktree) #2

Thank you so much for all you’ve done!

You all should get to know @L0k1 because he’s a badass.



Not a problem, keep up the awesome work with the community.

Just wait till I do a full writeup on Mia XD


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #4

Thank you @L0k1! I am so grateful to what you provide, and what you have provided! I cannot wait to see what the community will do when unshackled from lack of funds!

Also. MIA. I can’t wait to hear more about that!!!



My deepest appreciation.

Thanks for everything! :thumbsup:

Many, many kudo’s to you @L0k1


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #6

I’d quite like to use this time as well to thank @SmartOne for his very kind donation of 50 euros!

Thank you also to everybody who’s donated anonymously!



No but seriously, this is an important step forward and everyone can benefit from it.

Thanks man, next round is on me. If there ever is one.