Core of Human Exploitation: Persuasion

Let’s turn this into a series shall we.


We want to convince our victim to conduct a certain action. In order to fulfill such tasks, we need to make them feel compelled to do so. How would we go about this without exposing our true intentions?

First, let’s just grasp the true power of this skill set, because it’s used more often than the majority of you reading this might think. It can and likely is being used in scenarios where we find ourselves every day. Our school, job, at home with our families, whether we observe and acknowledge this happening, it’s prominent.

You can really turn this into a vicious habit, and use it at places such as your job, where you want to possibly taunt a co-worker, where you continuously taunt this individual to be humiliated in whatever way that might be. It doesn’t necessarily mean their pants are being pulled down, however this is a professional workplace, and so it’s expected from the employees to act as adults, so it requires little to know misbehaviour to achieve such results.


We want our victim to conduct a certain action, but how would we go on about this, because we aren’t the master of their mind, and they aren’t puppets. This goes back to the previous post on this particular topic, where I mentioned we need to connect with these people, and establish a personal connection between them.

Analyzing someone’s interests, hobbies, passions, desires etc. is very easy, it requires only for you to talk maybe 5 minutes with that person or less. Once this is done, you thereby have an insight as to what they spend their daily activities with. If you even know this person from say, a previous job or school it increases your knowledge on this person significantly, because you thereby also have a decent overview on part of their personal development.

How to Establish a Personal Connection##

This personal connetion I keep talking about is fairly simple to achieve, it simply requires a few things. Confidence, Knowing their interests etc. & manipulation. Yes, call me cruel, but manipulation can indeed also be used in positive ways. Let me just take a second to explain that manipulation isn’t necessarily just a measure you can take to harm an individual, as we’ve seen numerous times the majority of the times where this specific word comes up, it’s been used in a harmful way.

Step 1
Moving on. Now, to break it down bluntly, to create this connection, you need to talk about this person’s interests and endeavors in a way that makes it sound like you actually care about these things, and that you want to achieve something with the purpose of what you’re talking about. You might or might not care about it, it doesnt really matter.

Step 2
After this, you thereby incorporate this thing many business corporations have, which is called a Call to Action. It’s a simple concept and if you dont already know of this concept, a quick Google search will guide you greatly. With me so far? Okay great.

This Call to Action has to be used in a specific way however, because it’s very evident and easy to spot this Call to Action when we see it on commercials and now also very frequently on YouTube. Instead, how you should use it in this context, is to indirectly tell them to do something / say something, without actually telling them

"Hey, go tell that person XXXXX". Instead you could say

"This person did say this about me the other day, it wasnt very nice, it kind made me sad for a while, I don’t know what I should of done. It’s nice that I can talk to this with you about these things, it means a lot."

It’s a very cheesy example, but as long as you get the idea. Using the second example, you not only express and explain directly how that particular incident affected you, but you also tell the person indirectly that it’d be very nice if someone had done something about it at the time of it happening.

After that short dialogue, the person would likely feel compelled in a way to do something about it, because if you have successfully shown that person that you sincerely care for that person and you aren’t just ‘using’ him/her, the individual will feel as if you have an actual bond, and granted the person has compassion, it would be odd if he/she wouldn’t do anything. (Depending on the fallout)

SIDE NOTE: You could of course also use that exact technique with someone whom you’ve known for a long time, it’s just to put this concept into perspective.

Step 3
It really is this simple, once you’ve done these two, the person should feel compelled to act on what you’ve said. And again please take note. There are several ‘levels’ of this concept, and it can be used in such a harmful way and in a way blunt way. We’re talking bullying, social anxiety, manipulation, depression, all of these can be the result of this technique if you use it correctly.


I hope you enjoyed this article, and hope you’ll come back for more when I post a new one.


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