Crypters - Some questions

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in writing my own crypter… It’s been very hard due to the lack of “good tutorials.” I would ask you to post sources of materials or courses for us to study.

What i notice is that the crypters only work for some time… So my question is, why?
if the contents are encrypted, how antivirus are able to catch them?
My guess is some sort of sandboxing analysis or heuristics that catch them… but since the code is run in memory, can we really evade AVs?

Thanks for any answers. Im kinda new in the malware programming…


why?antivirus are able to catch them well it’s sample because it’s get scan by various AV companies and that make the crypter UD, many crypter authors will provide frequent updates to the crypter software, in the form of stub files. These contain the latest methods or algorithms used to augment the malware passed through to it, in an attempt to stay ahead of Anti-Virus companies detecting their methods, for example will send every file you scan to AV companies, if you want to stay (FUD) for long time, then you will need an AV scanner that not distribute the samples.

A few cool resources
bypass AV
Antivirus Evasion
papers by vx-underground

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make your own fud crypter pdf this tutorial is enough to get you started thanks.

always a good social engineering + good FUD Crypter. I create mine.

I have tried this and it doesn’t go through to the inboxes. Right now I am basically just providing bk details for intercepting the fd and converting it to $cry***

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