CS Advanced ChatServer

Soo… iv been a good little network programmer and have made a new version of a ChatServer with multisocket support. This one works much better then my last. So far it isnt encrypted but … im too lazy to add that now and i still have to add a config to it, So ye… it isnt done but the idea is there and i hope you guys can learn a few tips on how to create more advanced Servers in c#.

This will compile on both Linux (mono) an Windows and run on both so ye Dubble wammy!

ChatClient - DropBox noad/DirectDownload
ChatServer - DropBox noad/DirectDownload


ps. if you have any questions, Just ask ill check in for the next 5 days. Then ill be too busy to check. +during my busy time ill be working on a better way to controll the server and thats why there isnt a console output for the server yet.

You should put this on github. That way everyone can view the code without being required to download it first. Nothing against you, but this is the internet after all.


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