CTF CyberLympics


(Ya...sqrt(zero-knowledge)²) #1

Hi, Guys this my first post here i want share some think good for us but i have now some idea i wil try make good tuturials in Hardware and reverse engineering :grinning: but i want know who here will practice to Gam3zInc ?.


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I’m participating in the Cyberlympics this weekend. I guess you are too?

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Yes Brother, it’s good challenge . :slight_smile: did you complete registering your team ?

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Yeah, we have. Registration closed last week as far as I know.

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yeap you are right, i was receive message from Gam3zinc say : Registration its closed . What’s is your role in your team . :blush:

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Network and tool writing. What do you do?

(Ya...sqrt(zero-knowledge)²) #7

Reverse Engineering and pwn


What is it? I’m new to CyberLympics

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The Cyberlypics is a global CTF (what one isn’t, really?) with a $60 entry fee. The finals are in The Netherlands. Beyond that, it’s nothing too special.

We did our pre-challenge challenge last night over some stupid registration stuff.

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Yeap Brother, You are Right Brother :joy:

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We finished 83d, and most of the challenges were pretty lame.

(exploit) #12

Heard from my friends that it wasn’t a good CTF xddd Y’all got trolled :joy:

(Full Snack Developer) #13

I got 60% or more of my flags from strings and grep.

(Full Snack Developer) #14

And I kept finding flags or pieces of flags all over the place but had no idea what challenge they went to. Also, the platform was unstable as all get-out. Kept going down on us, timing out, crashing, leaderboard never worked.

We wanted to use my Legobot to check the score, so I actually managed to scrape the leaderboard before we started with probably the lamest “hack” ever. I tried to use Python requests + bs4 to pull and parse the leaderboard, but got 403’d. I just set my user-agent to something Firefox and it let me through.

(exploit) #15

Daaaaaaaayuuum :rofl:

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Seriously its Bad CTF No Reverse Engineering No Pwn … :cry: and not free like Others :rage:

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There was a tiny bit of reversing, but noting very serious. I solved half the reversing stuff by just doing a strings. Seriously.

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Yes Bro, you find in one task 50p 20p … its easy but we want mush task on reverse and pwn we feel good when we try solve it :slight_smile:

(proto) #19

for more challenging CTF’s you can visit iscofsimkzap3msk.onion. for hints you can ask the irc channel on the site