CTF this weekend! (Aug 17th-18th)

If you’ve never done a CTF before, this is your chance!
They are security challenges people create to up your skills.
THIS is how you get better at security. THE GRIND!!!

This appears to be a beginner CTF.
Categories include:
RE, pwnable, cryptography, forensics, websec, misc

Pick one you want to try or get better at, and then do it!
Google is a better friend than us, but if we can help, we will!

I created a username, and then the Team 0x00sec.
Feel free to join!

Team name : 0x00sec
Secret code: justskids

Also hop on our IRC irc.0x00sec.org/ and join #ctf

We already got 3 others signed up!
Let’s get more!!



Big upside is if we get any prize money we can funnel it right back into 0x00 :wink:

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What kinda CTF?
Red VS Blue?

Team VS Team ?

or free for all??
new here and just curious of the setup

Hey m0nly666!

This one, like most of them, are what’s called Jeopardy style CTFs.
They’re multiple categories and different difficulty levels per category.
This one consisted of:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Pwnable
  • Cryptography
  • Forensic
  • Web Security
  • Misc

People may join teams and take on these challenges together. :slight_smile:
Many more CTFs located at

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