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This tool creates a fake access point that provide internet connection to trick the clients arround and have full control with that fake AP and the connected clients


I’m not responsable for using this tool badly,make it useful :slight_smile:


This is the beta version so you may face many problems while using it , if you got any bugs you should inform me in issues section in github to fix it for you.


first go to the deadlysignals directory in terminal then give execution permission to install file

 chmod 700 install

then execute install file as root

sudo ./install

after it’s done execute deadlysignals

sudo ./deadlysignals


  1. You need two network interface connected to the internet ,one for broadcasting the wifi signal and one for providing the internet access

  2. The network device that will broadcast the signal must supports monitor mode

  3. This tool is tested on TP-LINK TL-WN722N so if had an error with your network card just inform me in github issues section.

  4. It’s easy to use for everyone and it doesn’t need a long explination.

Hope you like the tool and have a nice day :smiley:


So… it’s a script to spin up a rogue AP? How is this different from wiphisher or wifi pineapple infusions?

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actually i have added some options that will makes you have more control of your AP … and this is the beta version i’m not done with it … many options are coming very soon … i’m working so hard to make it different

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It would be a great addition to this post if you’d add some detailed sample usage… like some way this would be used in a pentest?

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All in bash too! This obviously only works for open hotspots. You should modify this to work with KRACKS. Then people would really take notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool! Since it’s all in bash, it should be able to run in android.


I would add some explanation of what exactly it’s doing so that people can understand how they could go about adding to it.

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you got arch or debian on your android? it’s got a hell of commands that android doesn’t even support. Would need porting, if even possible at all.

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That’s why you have busybox.

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and you can always setup a full linux environement with chroot like kali nethunter

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true. but it’s made for arch or debian, so still needs porting. look at the code. It’s arch commands, i’m using arch so i know

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yes, you can run debian with chroot

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interesting. not familiar with chroot

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basically it’s a command to change the root directory used in the shell. you can install a full linux sytem with a directory

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