Defcon26! 0x00Sec in Vegas!


I suggest any and all members attending Defcon/Blackhat/BSidesLV meet up?! Who’s going? Roll call!

I get in Wednesday Morning, and leave with regrets Sunday Afternoon.
Might be staying at the Flamingo, but also open to dropping cash on an Airbnb.
I got about 4 other buddies coming as well, so we can all drop on a spot if need be.

(Co-Founder and Part-time Fool ) #2

I don’t know the location of where I am staying. But I am in Vegas from tomorrow! Lets make it happen!

Are there any CTF’s you guys want to take part in? Any talks?

(Zain) #3

I wish I could go, but not this year. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe next time.

(fxbg) #4

I left after the first day, I am starting to become disappointed in defcon. It has become extremely PC and bitchified.

(not to mention they have the worst music in the world)

(Co-Founder and Part-time Fool ) #5

What is it about it that you disliked? I definitely got a vibe that a lot of people there were first-time defcon attendee’s, I was one for example.

I also got the vibe that a lot of people who are there just to see whats what, rather than people who actively work in this field everyday.

I must say though, I really enjoyed the main talks, the tracks, and man, the skytalks are amazing. I had to donate after the one on exposing public healthcare, skytalks are really cool. You should of attended one of them.


I was not at defcon so I can’t speak for it, but here is a list of the most notable complaints I’ve heard from some people who went to defcon

  • corporatism
  • unwanted sexual advances (especially true for women)
  • Vegas as a whole
  • drugs
  • most of it is aimed at people who work in the field.

I don’t know how much of this holds true, but I just put it here to give you a general idea of what people disliked about defcon.

(Co-Founder and Part-time Fool ) #7

Vegas as unwanted sexual advances all the time, that’s just vegas, as well as drugs.

The thing I hated about it, was how everything is impossible to get into if you’re under 21 (in the evenings). Hotel security was also an issue for a lot.

(Randell Graham) #8

QueerCon pool party is the best thing about DEF CON. That and Ramsay’s Beef Wellington.

(Hworth) #9

Are you under 21 yrs old?


Everything on that list is a bad norm of Vegas except “corporatism”.
I usually judge hacker gatherings on six spectrums.
Who is the gathering intended for?

  1. Underground Anon Hackers to Watchlist Hackers
  2. Non-Anon Hackers to Well-Known Hackers
  3. Hackers to Hacker Businesses and Hacker Businesses to Hackers
  4. Hacker Businesses to Hacker Businesses
  5. Hacker Business to Government
  6. Government to Government

BSides are usually 2.
Defcon is definitely Number 3.
Blackhat would be 4.
RSA would be 5.
If you go to 6, you don’t go to any other. You also don’t pass go, or collect $200, or leave the US without submitting a request to your agency and getting approval to leave.

Hacker Camps like CCCamp and SHA2017 are number 1. Camps hosted in countries where a handful of their attendees aren’t legally allowed to come to the US and other countries. Closest to 1 I’ve heard about in the US is Toorcamp.

(Co-Founder and Part-time Fool ) #11

Yes. 19 years old :slight_smile:

(Randell Graham) #12

Thanks. This categorization makes sense. Never thought of cons that way before.

(Hworth) #13

Wow that’s impressive man! :slight_smile: I’m 22 years old yet far behind your knowledge/capabilities lol. Keep up the good work!

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If you want to see young and talented check out the work of @exploit, he’s 16, and has been doing this since he was 13.


0x00sec is full of us young people with various talents, now that i think of it.

(← ∨ ↑ = ␀) #16

There’s also a handful of supremely average folk in their late 20’s.

(fxbg) #17

RSA is overpriced but worth it.


Fed spotted.

What makes it worth it?
Researchers without jobs can’t afford RSA. Def not worth it in their case.
VERY specific cases to attend RSA.

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