Defcon26! 0x00Sec in Vegas!


I suggest any and all members attending Defcon/Blackhat/BSidesLV meet up?! Who’s going? Roll call!

I get in Wednesday Morning, and leave with regrets Sunday Afternoon.
Might be staying at the Flamingo, but also open to dropping cash on an Airbnb.
I got about 4 other buddies coming as well, so we can all drop on a spot if need be.

(Command-Line Ninja) #2

I don’t know the location of where I am staying. But I am in Vegas from tomorrow! Lets make it happen!

Are there any CTF’s you guys want to take part in? Any talks?

(707) #3

I wish I could go, but not this year. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe next time.

(fxbg) #4

I left after the first day, I am starting to become disappointed in defcon. It has become extremely PC and bitchified.

(not to mention they have the worst music in the world)