Development environment for malware

These questions probably directed more towards malware devs here. I’m just curious about the development process of malware.

What is your process when making malware. Do you program it on your main machine and test it on a vm ? Or do you have multiple vms running. One for developing and the others for testing ?

I know this might end up to what someone prefers but I’m just curious on how people do it.


In my case, I do malware development and reverse engineering on a guest virtual machine that is isolated from my host machine’s network.


I personally code malware on my host machine (with the output folder set to guest VM shared folder since it’s convenient). I also have a separate two VMs if I code something with networking features (one as a router and second VM as a guest completely isolated from my other computers and VMs)

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Me too I use VM on my host machine and sometimes i test using an other laptop

It is completely optional. But I have 6 virtual machines. The purpose of each is different, I test the software I made with 2 of them. But sometimes the virtual machine may not work. For example, I am testing whether my software can penetrate the external network or not on the real machine :smiley:

Depends on the functionality at times but in regards to my own projects I’m very haphazard. I develop and test on my host machine 95% of the time.

i uses virtual machines and other vulnerable network for malware development.
the best i have also built the most secure network with all vulnerabilities fixed and then final test run on that network machine.

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