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Hello guys.I am working on basic project on Django.This project wants 2 values.One of them is target domain name and other value is count. After user click Attack button i take value from user i create process and this process send ping target amount count (i mean ping target -c count).But this attack keep sending ping till count finish.But i want to create other button named stop and whenever user click this button attack and process will be finished.

Is it posibble on Web ?

(Sorry for bad english :frowning: )

You need a start and stop button that operates the ping command?

It should not be too hard.

  • Initialize a session when the page is loaded.
  • When you start the ping process, store its process id as session data.
  • When the user clicks the stop button, retrieve the process id and kill that process.

I don’t think that’s what he was looking for. I would hate to have to install python just to give this guy the code, but I might

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