Does American fuzzy lop works on windows?


I’m new to fuzzing , I only used spike fuzzer one years ago. some friend recommend to use AFL in fuzzing , but when I search google all tutorials on linux platform, does AFL support windows if yes , Do you guys recommend any tutorials. if it does not support windows , do you guys recommend any alternative ?

thank you

Originally American fuzzy lop is a fuzzer for usage on UNIX based systems.
Due to the sheer popularity and greatness of afl some forks appeared like winafl.
I never tried it but it still seems to be maintained since the last commit was 3 days ago.

No guarantee on that this fork is as good/fast as the original implementation tho since it does not seem to use any form of binary instrumentation during compile time.

As for other recommendations I honestly have no idea. I only fuzzed on UNIX based systems

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