Does anyone use Qubes?

Does anyone use the Qubes operating system, what is your hardware configuration and cost and performance?

I am running Qubes on a (~440$) ThinkPad with 8GB memory, which is doing fine. Though, 8GB memory is the minimum. Every domain which is running takes at least 500MB, so it depends on your domain setup how much ram is used on a regular basis.

If you plan to buy a new laptop for it definitely take a look at the Hardware Compatibility List of Qubes. Not all processors, network cards and other hardware components get along well with the Xen kernel.
And don’t forget to get a SSD drive with at least 256GB+. Especially if you do a lot developing you will need it for all the different standalone domains.

Performance wise I can’t give you hard numbers, sorry. It depends on your setup, so on the overall power of your hardware and what you do with it.

I am running qubes, and typing this right now on it actually… I would only recommend qubes to somewhat advanced users. I am trouble shooting some bizarre and frankly annoying jvm issue with the tools that run on it. (Ironic if you really thing about it.) I havent really gotten my hands dirty with linux in a few years and that caught up to me real quick when I ran into my first head issue with qubes, granted that was a picnic. (Problem In Chair Not In Computer)

I second 8gigs as the bare minimum amount of ram acceptable, any less you are just going to get really annoyed with how ungodly slow it runs. More so if you are like me and you check the your forums and emails over disposable vm’s.

If you are serious about getting into qubes I would highly suggest putting the max ram a system can handle before anything else I personally use a W530 originally it ran 4gigs of DDR3 but I have upgraded it to 8gigs and soon I will be taking it to the full 32 gigs.


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