Does the operating system matter?

Does operating system matters for hacking or privacy.
I’ve heard alot of people saying that using good operating system matters.


Yes. But also no. a operating system like say the linux distro ubuntu and windows have been spying on its users so that isn’t considered good privacy is it? if you want a privacy based distro running off the linux operating system but can also be used for hacking you would want one of these:

  • Your own debian based system (#1 recommendation for personal preference)
  • ParrotOS (Top Recommendation non rooted by default, its hardened, More lightweight than kali, Gives warnings about certain programs that may spy on you / download malware to your PC, silent, Faster, customize the default looks with ease.)
  • Archlinux (One of the best. Downside is that some people don’t like pacman so they might pass)
  • Kali linux (NOT recommended, Can be hacked easily, rooted by default, can break easy, gives very little warnings to the user. hence why its not good for noobies)
  • BackBox (Recommended, comes built with both hacking and privacy)
  • Tails OS (BEST for piracy, but on the hacking side it would be a meh depends)

All of these are linux distro’s for a reason. a OS such as MAC or Windows or even A normal linux distro can all spy on the user. Mac is used alot for hacking but i really wouldn’t recommend it, its closed source and apple has gotten a lot of flack in the past about its users privacy, and malware such as bitcoin clipping is common. So when it comes down to it YES it does.


Generally speaking it matters to the point of what tools are available for it and how integrated it is into the whole “hacking” thing. Linux systems are good for that reason. Another thing is the privacy as you said. E. g. Windows OS, Mac OS are closed source,they also give you a lot less controlof the information they retrievefrom your usage compared to open ones such as the different Linux operating systems.

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I use Arch BTW. But trust me ParrotOS is a completely bloated piece of shit. Their community is no more supportive anymore (Check their telegram group). Maintainers are porn addict fuckterds and not professional (In short not a hacker just bully boyz xD). Kali has a long story in hacking cracking and professionally made distro now even more lighter than Parrot as uses tweaked XFCE (Its all just Desktop Environment + Theming/Branding + Preloaded Tools). As you love hacking you should also love newer tech otherwise no meaning of hacking as the world is changing all the time (MATE GTK2 RIP)

ANDRAX can be a good player too as its portable and supports any linux. Trust me debian is not for hacking. It’s just for newcomers and beginners as all learn apt commands first in their life xD besides debian is always backdated than other distro like archlinux and kernels are also backdated (Backdated kernels are serious security risk but doesn’t matter if you are pro enough to compile your own updated pkgs and kernels) . I also use a very stripped version of windows via WinToGo. I also use windows for hacking. Hacking is all based on knowledge not based on tools (Script Kiddo Part xD) !

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I’m sorry, but what are you taking about? Debian Linux has been a staple of the Linux project since it’s founding in 1993. Debian Linux as a distribution focuses on being stable and being secure (which is why you are normally a few versions behind if you are on the default stable branch). Since, as far back as I can remember, you can choose to go rolling or more well known as unstable which by the way is the sid branch. Branching aside Kali Linux, former BackTrack Linux, is Debian based and has been for a long while. You could say that Kali Linux is a flavor of Debian Linux.

So when you say:

And then say:

You are quite literally blowing smoke out of your rear. I’m sorry but that kind of behavior is not warranted or wanted anywhere, especially on a forum that’s sole purpose is to help fellow hackers in getting into the information security space. Especially since it just seems like you’re trying to promote a private IP of a not well known “whatever” you want to call the project.

The fact that ANDRAX isn’t even a flavor or a distribution, it’s not even a framework, is weird because earlier you were comparing the likes of Arch, Kali Linux and just vanilla Debian with ANDRAX. In reality ANDRAX is just a copy of your /usr/bin/ put into an archive on MediaFire. Combined with a dodgy binary that mounts directories over your personal directories, then calls system a couple times with a following call to su - to make sure the user is running as root. I had to reverse the program since the source mentioned on the website was not available, just to make sure I wouldn’t execute anything malicious.

You left empty directories in the tar’d directory file tree, you left temp directories with files still in them (trash), and you included git projects all in the /opt/andrax directory that who knows if they don’t have backdoors on them. Also including the default ssh keys that you used on your Arch VM is sus.

The .comment section of your binary andrax literally says you built this binary on Debian

In all I really hate it when people who clearly do not know what they are talking about just bash a whole generation of system users just because they want to up-sell some off branded ptf. I don’t normally do this, but I found an exception in this case.


Short answer: No it does not.

Long answer: No, it does not.

Look, the advantage of systems like Kali or Parrot is, that you don’t need to setup your system 20 fucking hours and install all the tools and dependencies you need as a pro skid.

Which make those systems wonderful as throw away systems. You can spin up a VM super fast and have everything you need. Or you just install it on a small raspi and have a tool packed small computer to take with you.

Now we also need to define what you mean with “hacking”. Are we talking about professional pentesting, ethical hacking, bug bounty, red teaming ? Well then it does not really matter. Especially fo red teaming in corporate world you will most likely also work a lot with windows. Small raspi with kali is also good. But again not necessary because the OS is super special. It’s more about pre-configuration.

If you want to go more the illegal route, well then the system also does not matter that much. It’s more about your configuration of the system and how you are using it. Live-Boot from usb, Encryption etc.

If you just care about privacy sure, TAILS is great. Again, because its pre-configured. You do not need to setup tor yourself and should run it only as a live boot.

In the end it’s also more about personal preferences. Linux distro bashing is as old as the internet.

P.S: Gentoo is still the best linux distro.

mic dropped

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Ahh i see, i used it when it was stable and had a good community. But yes it is bloated if you let it. but the privacy is great same as the stable. sorry for any errors!. but yes i do agree, parrot out the box has alot of problems and weird looks, though for me i have changed all of that myself by configing it for a few hours. Though for me personally i use Gentoo so i am just going of my past experiences with these things. you can also consider Kodachi OS but that would me a meh for me. don’t get me wrong kodachi is Great but the author is weird when it comes too it

true!! gentoo is the best linux distro right now.


Generally id go with Arch use KDE setup FDE and then go with KVM for Everything else, or just order cheap VPS’s for shit i just need to watch from afar

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Secure means fixing the exploits in time. Updated packages and kernels mostly do that xD

Forum is not meant for becoming a damn hacker boy !
Just a place to share thoughts & knowledge xD
BTW, In this forum most of the users are Arch Linux users LMAO !

Read my beginners guide xD

The world is backdoored a long time ago. I really don’t f*ck debian or andrax. debian is not for hacking I will say it again. as debian doesn’t contains any special hacking repo. Just compile your own set of tools repo and add that to repo list .Any linux can be used for hacking. But debian unstable is also backdated than other linux distros xD. The world is changing and I am changing with that one. I real hacker shouldn’t be a backdated shit !

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That is literally what debian has been doing, what is your point?

Ok? Back to your retarded Hacking Distro ideology. Newsflash There is no super secret hacking distro, and first off It is what 0x00sec is, its about helping future or fellow hackers, but Roaches like you are not really here to help yet spread bullshit. i suggest you go to Raidforums or hackforums and see how long you survive there before someone really makes fun of you and honestly rips you apart for your dumbass linux ideology. You are lucky people are nice to you here since that is what 0x00sec is, helping.

To be fair your beginners guide is shit. And i would really Give a warning to anyone telling them to not take advice from You. especially. and what does that have to do with what c0z said?

You say debian is not for hacking yet popular and professional hackers like kevin mitnick, use a Debian based system. And its funny how you defend kali linux so much yet its debian LMFAOO. Debian and Ubuntu packages make it easy to hack on software that’s packaged and try out your changes, within the framework of the packaging system. You can use the command dpkg -S to figure out where a file comes from, or search on packages. debian .org. You want to rip on Arch linux too?? like what is and is not hacking for you??


@BL4CKH47H4CK3R @Satoshin You even want to keep your little back and forth across multiple threads and clutter the forum with your BS? If you want to keep up that behavior at least use your DMs for that and keep the forum clean…


Why nobody has mentioned Qubes OS yet?
Especially the feature of disposable VMs, or the compartmentalization through the VM approach in general is very useful for creating different setups.

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