Ethical Hacking - Extreme Noob - Need Guidance (Where to correctly start?)

Hello World!
You will read a lot of stupid questions from this rookie here ^^
After one week of research I have decided that I want to become an Ethical Hacker!

  • I have absolute zero knowledge when it comes to coding in any language, understanding ethical
    hacking properly and its tools for each different area in our digital world.
    I have been googling a ton, using ChatGPT for many, many questions and I always ended up in a
    rabbit hole because there is so much to know about and learn and I have no understanding on
    how it all works and where I should start so it becomes overwhelming.
  • Where do I start? What do I want to achieve?
    Well, in my mind I have this picture of helping the ones that no one else is seeing, that are left alone.
    I dream about helping the ones that can not help themselves in a difficult position because of higher powers.

Example: (The Iranian government censur and filter their network for its civilian. During a protest about Jina Mahsa Amini, the girl who got killed by a government morale-police because she was not wearing her hijab/headscarf properly according to them.
Protest began and the government shot down its own network so that people can not upload/share what is happening during the protest.)
So, what happened was some ethical hacker hacked the street cameras and recorded the incidents that happened on the streets and uploaded on the net to the world to see.

Example: Lets say a friend of mine owns an animal store and has a website for the store.
The website gets hacked by someone and no one is able to visit the site or the website is showing something else.

  1. QUESTION: If I knew how to correctly ethically hack those two above, would I need same IT knowledge and tools? Or would I need totally different knowledge/materials for one and each?
  2. QUESTION: If I worked for my local Police Department would that then require some other coding language, IT knowledge and other tools if they for example want me to ethical hack someones mobile-phone who is suspicious for being a spy and is a threat according to the government?
  • You see, I am trying to understand a bigger picture in this and build a wider perspective around my head while moving towards being an Ethical Hacker.
  • Also I am trying to move towards my goal in an efficient way rather than trying to learn everything at the same time or maybe learning wrong areas that is not very necessary for an absolute beginner.
    That is the main reason I came to this reddit channel in hope to be guided at least the smallest.
    Hopefully I can join a local university and expand my knowledge, but until then self learning is in progress.
  • GUIDANCE: I need you guys to guide me understand the very basic fundamentals to begin with.
    With that I mean What books/video/website/App would you recommend me to start with and in which area? (I do not mind books with hundreds of pages).
    Maybe recommend a book that you wish was available when you was a beginner starting Ethical Hacking. Share me your beginner experience.
    Do I need to learn about IT/computer and its history first?
    Do I need to learn about coding first?
    Imagine that I time traveled from 1500’s and have no clue on from where I should start, but somehow I knew that I want to become an ethical hacker x).

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
Thank you very much all to all of you in advance and greetings from this cold and snowy Sweden!

That’s your entry point, Here’s some classic material to dive into - The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. It’s like the timeless jam that never goes out of style. Grab that paper, grab a compiler, and for real, cut off the internet for a bit.

Here’s a little guide take it with a grain of salt, though. I ain’t claiming to be the Oracle.

Dip your toes into the pool of network layers, wrap your brain around security, and delve into protocols. Web stuff is essential – DNS, HTTP, the works, including OWASP Top 10. Take a peek under the hood, explore hardware, firmware, and understand how things click together. Cryptography (Hashing, Encryption) these are your building blocks.

Exploitation CTFs are your playground. Take a look under the surface, read and interpret code. Identify structures, logic, and blend it all together. Write some offensive code, create your methodology. Take OPSEC seriously, avoid attribution. Learn how to leave little trace, from infrastructure (domains, emails, etc.) footprints, Encrypt your stuff. Virtual machines. Traffic routing. Assume you’re already compromised to some degree – it keeps you on your toes. Do your own research on cryptocurrency, decentralization, privacy, anonymity, and so on.

Hacking at its core isn’t as tricky as it may seem. But listen up, don’t be that dude hacking just because it’s cool. You’ll end up a skidd, doing zero good for yourself or what you’re supposed to stand for. Hacking ain’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s a whole vibe, a multidisciplinary state of mind. Learn the basics, understand the architectures, and if you’ve got that research game, breaking down systems will be a walk in the park, just a matter of time. So, hack stuff because it challenges you, and you want to learn and contribute to new concepts and techniques. Hopefully, I informed and inspired you to go out and hack some shit!

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Thank you very much!!!
Yes you did motivate me and you also wrote in a very simple language, I was just looking for that. You were also pointing basic fundamentals which I wrote down all of them and slowly but surely will I research on them, once again Thank you!

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the easiest tools to start with are wifi hacking with wifite and learn how to use meta sploit
you will need a wifi adapter that supports monitor mode for wifite