Explaining the Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Scoring System

Hey 0x00ers!

If you don’t already know, we recently started doing Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Challenges, this means that every 2 weeks, we’re releasing a new quick challenge that should take about ~30 minutes for an intermediate pentester or security hobbyist.

There are a few FAQ’s so I’m going to detail them below, but first, I’m going to talk about the scoring system and rules around posting writeups.

First things first:

New Challenge every 2 weeks.

A new challenge is posted every 2 weeks, on Saturday at some time before 1am Saturday UTC. Take note: these challenges may be shock-dropped, so keep your ears open on twitter and on the ctf.0x00sec.org platform for new releases!

Writeups are permitted & encouraged after a challenge ‘expires’

  • Challenges will remain up even past their expiry,
  • It will be possible to get points from them even after the new current challenge has been released.
  • Writeups are permitted after a new challenge is released
    • Basically, if the challenge is the last challenge to be released - don’t post a writeup yet.

Rolling points structure

The way this works, points from previous challenges will carry on forever, it will be mathematically possible to be in first place at any point in the game even if you joined in 6 months time. You’d just have to go through each challenge and solve each one (perhaps with the help of writeups).

I feel this system works well as it rewards people who are quick and / or consistent, somebody who consistently solves challenges week-by-week will likely be in the lead.


If you have any questions let me know! We’ll do our best to answer :slight_smile:


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