Exploit CVE-2019-0211 apache 2.4.25 privilege escalation


so, I’m working on a challenge to join as an internal member. I already have a non-root user, but the mission is to get root in any way, for the kernel “Debian 4.9.0-7-amd64”, and apache running as root with version 2.4.25. I exploit it by uploading the exploit script file in the Apache http server then send request to page, and I am waiting for Apache restart at 6.25 AM but still hasn’t worked. Please anyone help me. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I think there is an error in the all_bucket section, but I don’t know where to find all_bucket.

You know recently I’ve been stuck in rooting a “2.6.9-103.ELsmp 2011 i686” and I didn’t yet, Cause of … !, I actually think that stuff getting more complicated or am complicating things !

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