[Feature] Allow non-staff to give themselves a custom title

A pretty simple thing, but it hasn’t been suggested yet for some reason. If it is possible, users who have reached a certain trust level (I recommend the “member” trust level) should have the ability to change the title displayed behind their names by themselves, and not have a mod do it for them. I think this would save the moderators & admins a lot of time and would be a lot more convenient for members. Let me know below what you think!

  • Yes, that would be awesome!
  • No thanks! I don’t mind asking admins.

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Inviting some influential people to vote: @pry0cc @dtm @Cromical @unh0lys0da @oaktree @pysec @TheDoctor @Joe_Schmoe



We can make his happen. However the only potential way (as of now) is using Full Names as titles, so full names will be displayed next to the username, rather than the title. Full names are user editable.

  • Yep! I don’t care about full names!
  • Hell no! I want my full name!

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That would be great mate! I also think it would save the admins/mods a load of time. Thanks for the great suggestion!

I wouldn’t say it’s a vital feature. But I’ve seen such thing on others forums and it would be “nice to have”.

However the only potential way (as of now) is using Full Names as titles

Hey, we are hackers after all! Lets write some code in Ruby, patch Discourse a little bit and it’s done :slight_smile: Just kidding. I don’t think anyone here would waste his or her time on this.

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A little mistake could be disastrous. No one would want to mess up the discourse install!

I personally never worked with discource. Is it really so fragile?

I never worked with Ruby (or any program language, really) for that matter. But I guess Discourse could be fragile if we are careless.


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It’s possible to write plugins, although, theres more to just knowing ruby needed. It is all publicly documented however. If anybody wants to have a go at writing a plugin, go for it!

So what’s the verdict? Make the changes?

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20 Characters…

Okay! All Done, now just remove your title, and set your full name name to your “title”.