For the Dutchies (might be doable for English people with google translator)


So the Dutch intelligence agency has posted a Christmas Puzzel.
It’s related to cryptography and steganography mainly.
The puzzel is in dutch, but I think a lot of them can be made by English people as well.
You can find the puzzel here:

So I did the first 2 and I think googling the Dutch version of some words having to do with the theme ‘Christmas’ might help the English people trying this.

I’d say it being a foreign language makes it a bigger challenge.
There is no guide besides what’s in the file.



If only our Belgian intelligence agency did something like that… IF WE HAD ONE!




VSSE? Or am isn’t that the same?

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Yes and no. On paper they are an intelligence agency, but in reality they’re only there to offer intelligence to police forces in the field and not actually “spying” suspects.

If they did the latter, 13 November wouldn’t have happened.


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