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This is my Wiki that I’ve gathered over the years. This is by no means complete and if some links are a repeat… please edit it at your leisure.

Disclaimer: All content is at your own risk not mine. If you get arrested by the three-letter-organizations, don’t come whining to me.


Everyone’s nightmare… BOOKS!!! READING!!! Well, if you want to get into hacking/security/computers/whatever-hell-you-want-to-call-it, you’ll have to read. These are just a couple of books that I could think of and I found among my collection that are useful. A couple I didn’t add since they weren’t so good.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation - Ok, this book is by far one of my favorites. Covering basically the true nature of hacking and the art.

C++ Programming from problem analysis to program design, 6th edition - This was suggested by a good acquittance of mine that shall be unnamed.

C++ for Dummies - Ok, this book isn’t such a great read after a bit, but still a really great start. This was how I got started with coding.

CompTIA A+ - This was also suggested by a unnamed acquittance of mine. Really good start for those that wish to get into computers.

The Art of Intrusion - Kevin Mitnick is by far one of the greatest hackers of his time (although he was a skid, preferred to SE more than anything). This book is a series of real life stories of hackers, well, hacking. This is a really good read if you can read it all. Check your local library for a copy if you don’t want to pay 10 dollars for it.


The way I started hacking is through Google which is where I found several really great beginner friendly websites and blogs. A couple you’ve probably heard of, but a couple not so much. This section is dedicated to sharing my findings.

Xeus Hacks
- First thing on this list is what got me hooked with hacking, Xeus Hacks… this is actually a amazing resource of tutorials which have lead me to other sites throughout the internet. This site is slightly outdated in terms of the material, but still good.

- This site couldn’t have been found without my good old friend, Xeus… This is actually a pretty cool website with a bunch of software.

- No, I’m not trolling. Github is a amazing place to go and find some pretty sweet resources and projects. For example, SecLists. I’ll leave it at that.

Shell-Storm - This site I’ve recently just found as of this writing and realized how pretty sweet it is.

#0x00sec Links:

Ok so this section is dedicated primarily to this forum in general. Why? Maybe because I have a lot of people to thank for helping me grow as a person and as a Computer Science nerd. This section is dedicated to them and my thanks, primarily the Programming for Wannabes series by @0x00pf.

Programming for Wannabes. Part I - I love how this starts out as a series. There’s a lot of material here to cover that I just couldn’t help but read it a while back.

Programming for Wannabes. Part II - As always, you gotta follow up with another great read.

Programming for Wannabes. Part II and a Half - This one I don’t remember reading, but I presume it is a nice read.

Programming for Wannabees. Part III. Your first Shell Code - I love this post because it gets into shellcode which is awesome and since I’m currently studying shellcode (ish), this post is really helpful. Another great reference for shellcode is by @IoTh1nkN0t,

STELF - Ok, so STELF is a pretty dope shell written by @Joe_Schmoe and I would like to thank him for working on this for so long. He showed me the framework version a while back when I was a noob and since than I’ve fallen in love with this shell. The source is in gitlab.

IoT Malware - Last year I was interested in Mirai which is a really cool malware at first. It turns out all it does it take advantage of weak passwords and it was released to Hack Forums where a lot of skids reside in (not saying I’m not a skid, but I think you guys can get a idea what I mean). For a bit I managed to find the source code on github and was trying to study it. I failed, but still worth posting on this wiki.

Hacking Facebook Accounts | setoolkit - I did this out of sheer whim because well… setoolkit is a really nice tool if used correctly. This post is written by @the_c0nd0r and I shall note that this tutorial is a really skid orientated post, but still nice (I’m just joking (really nice post)).

YARA Rules - Really cool post on YARA rules, even though I didn’t understand half of it. Really well organized and well done. Cudos goes to @REal0day .


Ok so this is for btc, xmr, whatever-hell-you-want-to-mine resources. If you don’t know how to mine using pools or clicking a button use your good friend:

XMR Web Miner - This one I found out of sheer boredom at school. I don’t know if it works since I never ran it long enough to get a payout. Please try it out at your own risk.

- A relatively simple mmpool. All you do is create a username and add your BTC Address. There are options for other crypto-currency, but I’ve mainly used it for BTC. You’ll need a Block Erupter in order to have any success since it isn’t possible to mine using your CPU these days. Amazon has a great collection:


Moon Faucet - This is a REALLY good faucet. Instead of only allowing you to claim once per hour… Moon Faucet allows you to claim anytime. I should note that the longer you wait the less currency you accumulate, but you can still claim anytime.


This section is not at all illegal. Why? Maybe because I don’t like putting more money in the pockets of the assholes you call “celebs”. This is where I use torrents.

The Pirate Bay - Despite the stupid rumors of, “The FBI shutting down TPB”, this isn’t true at all. Really great torrent site and this is my primary source for most of my music and “stuff”.

Transmission - This isn’t a torrent site but instead a torrent downloader. I use this on my Debian Linux Distribution running GNOME.


Please edit as much as you want or get rid of it eternally… I just posted this because I wanted to and I hope these references are helpful.

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