Foxcatcher! [Part 3] - How to prevent data theft

Well, hello there again! This is the last part of this (very) short series on Foxcatcher! Today we’ll discuss how you can prevent your data being stolen. I think that the first thing that comes to mind is Browsing Habits.

Now this is a topic that has been thoroughly discussed here on 0x00sec (Check out Merozey’s post), but it can never be stressed enough.

As I’ve previously shown, the data that most people are after is search & website history, bookmarks, cookies and saved passwords.

This are easy targets because people tend to care more about comfort & convenience than security.

So today I’m going to try something a bit different. Instead of writing a long article about what you can do to protect yourself and how you’re leaking data about yourself wherever you go, I’ll just leave some links below to some websites that not only show you how and what data your leaking, but also how you can protect yourself from it (or at least minimize it).

JonDonym Anonymity Test -

IPduh Anonymity Check - -

If you know of any other good websites to test anonymity and privacy or if you have anything to add, you know what to do.


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