Freestyle February: A 0x00sec Article Contest

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Freestyle February: A 0x00sec Article Contest

Hello 0x00ers!

The 0x00sec Staff is happy to announce our first annual Freestyle February! Here’s how it works:

  • Take up until the last day of February to research something technical, something from which the 0x00sec community might benefit. Then, post a detailed write-up on that topic by the end of February. The author of the first-place write-up will win a $150 personal Binary Ninja license.

  • To enter, be sure to post your write-up in the month of February and include the tag “freestylefebruary” like this post. Follow the write-up format as best you can (e.g., skill level poll, use our template!).

  • Perfect English is not necessary so long as the idea gets across. We’re here as usual to help you make your post great!

I hope you guys find this to be a very fun February, with lots of learning and discovery!

0x00sec Staff

P.S., Questions? Ask below or in IRC.

EDIT 0 (Feb 1, '18): Please remember to tag your post with freestylefebruary to enter!


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This is the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Ima write an bomb ass article and get that license. I should also make a point to write on, once a month at least. If we get a good amount of people doing that, we’ll have much content.



As we start to see an influx of articles, can we get a couple of native english English-speaking volunteers to go through and edit each post (While while working closely with the author, of course) to ensure proper grammar and flow for easy reading, especially for those who’s whose first language is not english English.?


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Absolutely! Those with a higher trust level can edit posts. If you’re up for it, talk to me in IRC later today.



I may try to do a write up on how my team is preparing for a competition. We’re all at a amateur-to-intermediate skill level, so I don’t know how valuable whatever insight I’m capable of providing will be.

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Hey man,
It’s freestyle february, just share what you learned in a research-y way!


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Hm… interesting. This sounds like fun. Thanks for this contest admins! I think since I am working on a project anyways, this’ll turn into a great way to show what I’ve learned, but of course I will still post it anyways despite this contest.