From skid to less than skid: Fraq learns to hack webapps


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Okay, I’ve spent a while doing security but very little of it focused on web apps. Like, almost none. As a sys admin, I’m more concerned about hardening my OS and learning fun things like buffer overflows and interesting network attacks.

That said, I find myself in a position now where I need to learn a lot more about web apps and learn it fast. I’m going to assume I’m starting from the bottom here and will let you tag along as I explore this area.

There isn’t really any content for this post other than to let y’all know I’ll be talking like a noob for the next few weeks.

First adventure: finding an XSS by accident

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Are you going to focus on PHP, JS, what?

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The app I’ll be working against is mostly JS

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I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you progress as well as following you along in your journey!


Should we expect browser exploit demos later on?


Sounds good. I don’t know much about webapps so i hope to learn a thing or two as well here!

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If I get that far :wink:


Really good idea, I’ll definitely keep reading your articles, thanks in advance.


Keen. Currently sitting in my first websec lecture.

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