Future post suggestions

Hi there friends!, I know many of you have tons of knowledge in a variety of fields and are specifically here for Security penetration testing, so what do you fellas want to challenge yourselves with? Maybe others could benefit from this as well. Place what you want to see from me and others in the future! Thank you!

Programming Tutorials (Java, C++, maybe some Scripting languages such as JavaScipt, Python, Perl, Bash, etc.)

Web Application Security (XSS, SQL Injection, etc)

Going over some CTF’s in VMs etc.


This is a nice idea! We definitely need some web application security content.

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We sure do! Thanks for the suggestion! i am sure many of us will enjoy them.

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Oh, Hey! I know Web App Sec! XD

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You know what to do :333

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Great idea! I’ll list my skills here and everyone can suggest what he wants from me :grin:.

  • C# (Main language; so if you need a program in C# or want a tutorial just ask!)
  • Python (But I think others are much better with it)
  • And I learn Rust in the next months (Have not seen it that often; maybe some interest here?)

Reverse Engineering
I have a good understanding of C# RE; just see my CrackMe series ;). I have a fundamental understanding of binary RE (C/C++, Rust, etc) but it’s been a while that I worked on it :smile:. When I have more time I’ll have a look at firmware reversing, which could be interesting too.

Besides RE malware is my passion in the IT field, so I could know one or two thinks to share with you, if interest exists.

I think this is common on boards like this one, but I’m of course a fan of coding! I use approximately 90% of my freetime for coding; so as I said before if you want something programmed or if you’ve got an idea, which you want to work on in a team, I would be glad to help you!

Yep, I think these are the main points I can support the board with :slight_smile:. Finally I want to add that it would be great if anyone who knows some useful topics post them, that interested contributors can work on them!

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