Getting rid of this nusiance "Lanschool" and 1 other problem

I’ve tried everything I know, and have dived deep into the drive to look for ways around. The internet couldn’t help maybe you guys can. I’m in high school with school issued computers. There are two things I want to get done, the first thing. Getting rid of LanSchool. I’ve tried everything, but this security is so locked up to keep people from doing what i’m trying to do. So I need someone to tell me how to get rid of this, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, If I can get objective 2 done, it will help with objective 1. Objective 2 is to somehow obtain admin privileges on my laptop. If I had this, I could simply delete the files I don’t like. Such as Lanschool. So yes, either of these would be great help. Thanks! Some info is below.

The computers we are on are lenovo think pads. Running windows 10. So yeah, No anti-malware that I know of aside from Windows Defender, which won’t take action unless I tell it to. I have so many batch files I’ve created and/or downloaded. No anti-malware has said anything except for Windows Defender, leading me to believe that we have little to no malware protection (Which makes no sense whatsoever.) Nevertheless here I am, trying to get help from some guys here. Thanks again!


Hi Dustin,
Is USB boot enabled?
Best, SmartOne

On which patch does it run? Ive got a registry privilege escalation laying around here somwhere that may work for getting an admin cmdline.

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