Give new IP to Virtual Machine

Hi! Someone can help me, how i can give another IP address to my Virtual Machine? I use VirtualBox, actually my VM have the same IP of my physic computer, and i hear something about bridge, what is it? can explain me what means that in the VM ? I will eternally grateful.

Go to the network settings in Virtualbox. Go to the Network settings and you will see an “Attached to”, and click the drop down and select “Bridged”. This will give the VM it’s own IP address on the same subnet that the physical computer has an IP address on.

In NAT mode (which you are in now) your VM has it’s own IP, but your computer acts as a gateway so all you see is the IP address of your physical machine.


Thanks so much, for explain me! :hugs::hugs:

Your welcome. I hope you sorted it out.

Sorry, but i have a other question, the IP public of the VM and my own machine its the same, how i can give them different IP public address? And if not possible to do, exist programs or using VPNs?

It depends on what you want to do. You can run VPN software on the host OS or on the VM. Even if you connect to a VPN with the host OS, you can configure it so that the VM does not connect through the VPN.
Just depends on what you are using.

But if isn’t the case, i would like that my VM have a different ip public that my own pc like if my vm be another pc in my net, which has its own public and private ip totally different from my own pc.

Any computer on your network will have the same public IP (including VM’s) because your router/gateway only has one IP. You will need to connect you VM to a VPN or TOR for it to have a separate public IP. Easiest way to do it.

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Thanks so much for the info :v:

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